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Generator set silencer introduction

1. Generator noise often become the main source of ambient noise. Nowadays, the society demands more and more noise, how to effectively control its noise pollution is a difficult work, but also has great promotion value, which is our main work of noise control. In order to do this work well, we must first understand and analyze the composition of diesel generator noise. Exhaust noise control: The sound wave is attenuated by expanding the cavity and perforating the plate, so that the sound becomes heat energy and disappears. The effective way to control the exhaust noise is to install an exhaust muffler. This standard specifies the technical requirements of the design, construction, acceptance and operation management of the diesel generator noise treatment project. It can be used as the technical basis for environmental impact assessment, feasibility study, design and construction, environmental protection acceptance and operation and management after completion. 2. Generator silencer normative reference documents (1) Laws and regulations related to environmental protection (2) Sound Environmental Quality Standard (GB33096-2008) (3) "Industrial Enterprise Boundary Environmental Noise Emission Standard" (GB12348-2008) 3. Silencer design of generator set (1) Generator noise should meet the national standard "Urban Regional Environmental Noise Standards" (GB3097-93) in each area of the corresponding noise emission standards. (2) The processing scale and process of the diesel generator noise treatment project should be determined according to the actual situation of the enterprise's diesel generator location, room space structure, generator power and number, so as to protect the environment, be economical and reasonable, and be technically reliable. (3) The selection of treatment engineering and technical solutions should meet the requirements of the environmental impact assessment report approval document, and the diesel generator noise treatment should stably meet the relevant national and local emission standards. 4. Generator noise control and generator exhaust muffler form Diesel generator noise mainly includes engine exhaust noise, intake noise, combustion noise, connecting rod and piston, gear and other moving parts in the working cycle of high-speed movement and impact caused by mechanical noise, cooling water exhaust fan airflow noise. The comprehensive noise of diesel generator sets is very high, and generally reaches 100-125dB(A) according to the power size. Diesel generator noise control methods include inlet air, exhaust air, gas exhaust channel noise treatment, sound absorption treatment in the machine room, sound insulation treatment in the machine room. The damped generator muffler is a divided cavity cannula type structure, and a grid-hole damper is set in the third cavity (turbulent cavity) to remove the impact vibration and eddy current caused by the repeated airflow in the muffler, and reduce the exhaust noise and unnecessary power loss. There are many types of generator mufflers, but the muffler principle is mainly divided into six types, namely resistance muffler, resistance muffler, impedance compound muffler, micro-perforated plate muffler, small hole muffler and damping muffler. Three-stage silencer for diesel generator sets. Second, the generator silencer design points The diesel generator set produced by Goldx uses a multistage silencer, which includes an intake pipe, an inner tube, two layers of inner partition, an internal exhaust pipe and a silencer cylinder and an exhaust cylinder. The center of the intake pipe is fixed at 1/6 of the silencer cylinder and is perpendicular to the axis of the silencer cylinder. The silencer cylinder is sealed by a sealing plate at both ends, and the exhaust cylinder is fixed at the end face of the silencer cylinder. At least two partitions are fixed in the silencer cylinder to divide the silencer cylinder into equal sections. Between the two partitions is fixed an inner vent tube and a vent tube coiled with a orifice plate, so that the exhaust gas forms a shaped maze. The exhaust gas is drawn to the exhaust cylinder through the inner exhaust pipe on the outer partition board. By using their reflection and absorption of exhaust noise, the exhaust impedance is muffled to attenuate its sound field, so as to achieve the effect of noise reduction. Compared with the two-stage silencer and the industrial silencer, the multi-stage silencer expansion chamber has good medium and high frequency silencer performance. After the muffler is installed, it does not affect the working efficiency of the equipment, and can ensure the smooth inlet and exhaust; However, the volume is large and suitable for use on units with high noise reduction requirements or for noise reduction rooms. Noise reduction can be 25-35dBA.

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